Chris Malinchak has a wicked deep hous etune out if you’re into that kinda stuff even if your not it doesn’t matter as S.P.Y has given us a wicked remix for the DnB massive.

Deep house is the softer stuff so in keeping the vibe of the tune alive S.P.Y from Hospital records fame has kept his remix liquid and smooth.

Described as a deep etheral journey the remix has crisp drums and a vocal that drops pretty quick to get some creative mixing going.

Obviously you want to know the important stuff…… Yes the Bass is that commercial sound but its a great line. Not a hands in the air stomper but a very strong track non the less.

Out on Ministry of Sound I suggest you check it out if the commercial scene is your thing.



Ok I dont normally do this as its a pretty cheap form of writing a review but im going to copy and paste the Press release mainly just because it made me LOL………

IM:Ltd, the label with more treats in his pockets than your sugar daddy, is back once
again to unleash the latest efforts from Ukrainian producer Hibea : ‘White Owl’.
Filled with with bass frequencies lower than a stripper’s self-esteem, fierce
percussions and jungle-like wild breaks and backed up with some heavy duty remix
works from rising sex symbols Phil Tangent and Fade, that 4 track collection is a
definitive must have for any lewd DnB fan.
When these drop, owls won’t be the only birds whose heads are spinning !

And to tell the truth its 100% correct (not sure about the sex symbols bit actually at least not like our very own X-ecute is)

White Owl is a very Old Skool track stabs straight out of 92 and a Bass to go with it. Wonderfully produduced to current standards its a rave up track for sure.

The Phil Tangent remix of The Form is the smoothest track on the Vinyl, its a deep thinker with clever hooks. The Original mix of The Form is still a great tune and goes back to the classic vibe of White Owl but is only availible on Digital format so make sure you check it out.

All tracks availible now from IM:LTD check check check………..

Some words from X-ecute


Protect Audio are one of those labels that have appeared recently that can hold their heads up and say they are really committed to putting out some quality releases and sticking to their guns when it comes to the deeper side of tech influenced DnB.

The Diffraction Of Sound EP is a nice 4 tracker lead by Berlin based Survey. Survey themselves are starting to gain momentum and spread their wings out of Germany and hit stages all across Europe. Fresh from delivery the last release on Protect Audio, Survey have an absolute banger in the form of Treibgut or for those of you who dont speak German or cant be arsed to use Google Translate – Flotsam. No offense to the other tracks on the EP but Survey really do steal the show here. Its big dirty and knarly and just to throw in some buzz words Phatt, Twisted and how about Gurnalicious?

Homemade Weapons kicks out a tasty little VIP version of Slivers. The US veteran has been kicking around for some time now and its nice to see another UK release for him. Those Baltimore guys certainly do know how to make DnB (input Bass Commands very own Baltimore bad boy Noistek – Light and The Darkness EP plug here). The tune itself is broken and steppy with and full of tech. Great if you’re into that style but a little to techy for my liking but never the less a great tune.

3rd on the EP is Dispaced by Shiver is deep, very deep, and moody dont forget moody.

Finally we see Marukoma kicking out the excellent Iridium. The man Rochdale Uk produces a track that isnt hard as hell or mad as a bucket of rave frogs but it is clever, it is super cool and it makes you stop and listen. That itself can sometimes be a rare treat with DnB finding a track to just mong out to without it getting boring. For me one of the highlights on the EP.

The EP is out on Digital from the 29/04/2013 I suggest you buy your favourites!!

Check out the tunes below….


Words from craig x-ecute



Wyatt Noise is soon becoming one of our favourite labels here at Bass Command HQ due to the constant high out put on the label. When the promo drops thru our inbox I always know its going to be a stomper that will fit in nicely with a phatt ass DnB set that will make the most hardcore dance all night.

The 4th release on the Wyatt Noise sees label boss Rich Raw step up and throw some shapes. On the A side we have The Revolutionary. Its a big storming tune mad mid range bass and a guitar drop not that often found in dancefloor heavy DnB. Its a big growler as well so its sure to get people moving certainly in my set list for the time being.

The AA brings Classically Trained, slightly harder in the rhythm section it also has an old skool vibe. Amens breaks get thrown around all over which is always nice to hear combined with some old skool sounding basslines its a great tune and we havnt even got to the classical bit yet. As the title suggests there is a classical theme here. some funky piano playing only adds to the old skool vibe it brings a nostalgic feel of mid 90’s rave.

Overall……… Wicked tunes all round.

Out on Wyatt Noise now. Check it out……….

words from x-ecute



Brazillian DnB DJ Marky needs no real introduction being a big player in the UK Scene for 15+ years.

Here we have him kicking out a remix for Robert Delong and his new Global Concepts single.

With the original track being an electro house monster Marky brings a cut of smooth Brazillian Soulfull DnB. Uplifting strings and rolling drums join the vocal perfectly.

Not one for the rave crew but radio friendly enough to get people listening and perfect early evening get you in the mood music.

Availible on Digital from Island records on 08/04/2013

Worth a listen…….


words from X-ecute

Ingredients Records bring us another great EP powered by a number of artists that really do show off their quality here. Following up the Mise En Place EP that came out last year they release Part 2.

The EP starts off with Dub Phizix – Rainy City Music. If you just read that track title then imagined the music in your head then the tune gets it bang on.  When I loaded the tune up and took a listen I then took a look through the press release saw the title and a smile lit up on my face. Drum & Bass for film noir….. That’s a new one but I coined it here first!!! The track is moody and yet sweet combining dark elements with light samples. Smooth.

Villem is next up, or rather Break and his remix of Splinter In Your Mind. The track takes the EP in a more grimy direction with a cool techy track. Described as a “Bassline Monster” on the press release, I wouldn’t go that far but a worthy remix no less.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to write a review at this point as my two year old son keeps stealing my headphones.

Skeptical gets himself back on Ingredients records with a VIP mix of his massive Blue Eyes. Starting of nice and step laden rhythm the bass then hits deep, very deep. This tune is pure moody and reminds me of late 90’s sweat boxes. That is what DnB is all about. Fuck you progressive house hands in the air synth lines!! This is Drum & Bass.

dRamatic & dbAudio close the EP with No Return. If every track on this EP explores a slightly different aspect of Drum & Bass then this is for the old skool rave crew. Old skool loops, bass and pads. Perfect for and Old Skool vs New Skool mash up.

My favourite picks are going to be Rainy City Music and Blue Eyes.

Released on the 18/03/2013 on both Vinyl and Digital

Check it out!!

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Regal Records very own Dimension gets on the remix trip for Torqux and there new synthy electro housey type tune Blazin.

With Lady Leshurr spittin her shizzle over the track Dimension adds his magic and for all intesive purposes rips that shit up.

Adding a fast pace to the track and elements more in tune to a jump up banger than a commercial remix Annie Mac’s man of the moment Dimension whips out a very credible remix that will probably suprise a few dancfloors. The commercial crowd will go nuts and the rave crewn will probably go nuts to.

Thats my offical stance on it anyway. – Go nuts

Out on the 10/03/2013 go check it out!!

words from @dj_xecute


When I saw this promo drop into our Inbox I got all excited, mainly because its from Uprising records and its no secret that Im a massive massive fan of DnB from New Zealand and Australia and Uprising has a stake to the claim of being New Zealands biggest DnB export Its not often I click play with such anticipation and this release certainly didnt let me down.

Concord Dawn otherwise known as Matt Harvey has delivered some furious beats here with some top quality production. These tunes will turn any rave upside down and inside out in seconds. Dancefloors Beware!!

Released on Concord Dawn’s own imprint Uprising Records these tunes are sure fire hits. Starting with Loophole for me the track of choice. It has tuff as hell beats and sampled vocals that work perfectly with the smooth piano before the bass hits you hard and gives you an instant gurn face!!

On the flip side we have Hendricks a much slightly lighter trip then Loophole but never the less a great piece of Tech-Funk DnB, Not sure where to place this tune it could fit well at various points throughout a party, the press release states is a 4am banger but id be inclined to drop it a bit earlier than that. But it will get dropped and thats all that counts!!

Tunes are availible on Uprising Records from 8th April. Go check it out!!

Wordz from X-ecute



Now as far as DnB remixes of more commercial tunes go most of it has been getting on my Tits these last few months but recently I’v had some great stuff drop into my inbox.

Starting of with Wilkinson and his pretty damn cool remix of Fade from Dubstep master Jakwob. The remix stays true to the original in that it has a main room vocal and main room synths. Add to that Wilkinsons big bass sound and his obvious production quality and you have a remix that even I would be happy to unleash on the crowd. Not for the big dirty raving crew bet certainly for the warm-ups or hands in the air end of the night track.

James Jacob aka Jakwob is a pretty cool guy and the Bass Command boys supported him under our previous alias of the Sub Sessions and from that off the wall experience im sure there is more great tunes coming our way soon.

Tune gets a full release on Boom Ting 18/03/2013

Check It!!


ImageI always know what to expect from IM:ltd… Top quality groovy tunes (yes I said groovy). The Hunter EP is no execption to this either, marking IM:ltd’s 40th release its a great EP showcasing some great up and coming talents.

Every tune and every artist brings something new to the EP and there are some really great tracks in here. My personal favourite? Its got to be “Course” by Disept but its a very hard choice to pick a favourite from this bunch as they are all tunes id happily play out. All 6 tunes are keepers for sure.

Other highlights for me Include Tribal Dancer VIP by Fade, that shit is mental and will be in my set lists for a while. Same goes for Lost and Found by Kauntum, big big tune that growls and punches hard.

Even the press release is great………….

As the hunt for fresh beats continues, IM:LTD returns to savage land to capture only the best raw talents out there.and ear-nap you with this new digital EP.
Kicking off with Andy Pain & Z Connection’s mammoth title tune proves the ‘Hunted’ EP is only a selection of the finest bass-thirsty bastard children waiting to track you down.
After stumbling past Fade’s haunting ‘Tribal VIP’, you will have no option other than to bust a move when you come face to face with savage rollers ‘Lost & Found’ and ‘Fissure’, by Kuantum and Mono, two mofosapiens with a taste for human ear necklaces.
Then Giocator’s ‘Achime’ and Disept’s ‘Course’ make sure your run-in with the IM:LTD
predators is filled with low frequency terror.
No escape !

Tunes are availible as digital only from 04/03/13 but expect to see these guys on vinyl, some time soon or at least that my prediction!

Check the tunes….



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